Elevating Accountability Through Debriefs

Today, we’re diving deep! We’re stripping away the fluff, and tackling accountability head-on. We’re lighting the way for leaders, laying the bricks for “Absolute Ownership”, and unlocking the secrets to debriefs that sizzle. Buckle up as we charge through the essentials of Debrief to Win. Taking the Plunge Let’s face it, accountability can be a […]

Building a Positive Feedback Culture: Redefining Debriefs for Team Development

When a new fighter pilot considers the prospect of climbing in a $154M aircraft for the first time and employing it the way it was built to be employed, it can be slightly overwhelming. Because of how complicated the airplane systems are, and because the domain in which pilots employ these aircraft is so complex, […]

Pre-workshop Assessment

Please help set up a “Pre-workshop Assessment” link specific to my team. I look forward to running the results to help me get a sense of where we sit in terms of the Accountability Ecosystem we discussed in my workshop.

The Team Accountability Assessment

If you would like to run this assessment for your whole team, please reach out to ours to set that up.

We would be happy to do so for you, free of charge.