Debrief to Win

How America's Top Guns Practice Accountable Leadership... and How You Can, Too!

Learn from former US Air Force Top Gun, Robert "Cujo" Teschner, how to build and lead accountable teams.

Cujo reaches back to his work as the U.S. Air Force's Subject Matter Expert on the fighter pilot Debrief and translates how any business can practice accountable leadership and field teams that win in the midst of disruption.

Debrief to Win is a roadmap to team success and a critical resource that can help every team organize to learn constantly, build trust even in difficult times and ultimately succeed where other teams might give up.

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"Well organized and well written. Civilian organizations can apply the debriefing practice so important to Top Gun pilots to improve and upgrade the level of success of their endeavors."

"...His examples do a fantastic job of demonstrating the environment for which any team and any leader should be striving. Perfect integrity and perfect psychological security exemplified...Acute, shared accountability of this flavor might make us all unstoppable."

"This book is so much more than a Why and How to debrief. It's more like a handbook of what's been holding you and your team back, and how to fix it."