Top Gun Leadership University

by VMax Group


To develop and inspire the very best in people and, in so doing, teach them to do the same with their teammates.

Desired Graduate Outcomes

Confidence and capability to build and lead teams that work, leading to:

Increased job satisfaction and retention among teammates

Increased client satisfaction and retention

A workplace that attracts talent

Leadership Focus Areas

Leading Purpose-Driven Teams

Executing with Excellence

Leading Teams of Teams

Leading Accountability

Teaching Components


Emotional Intelligence

The Practice of Discipline

Absolute Ownership

Mutual Support

Conflict Management

Team of Teams Planning

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Building Real Teams



Leading Change


Boyd's OODA Loop in Business

Our Approach

Interactive Lectures, Experiential Exercises, Simulations and Practical Applications

Our Teaching Approach, mirrored from the USAF Weapons School:

"Humble, Approachable, Credible"

Why Us?

Because we've lived it.

We've actually led teams that work in combat.

And we've taught teamwork and leadership at the highest level.

General Information

The intent of the TGLU program is to provide outsourced leadership training for organizations looking to develop world-class leaders.


2020 Course Offerings:


Core course #1: June 1-2

Core course #2: August 27-28

Core course #3: August 31- September 1


Top Gun Leadership University is located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri in Chesterfield. The TGLU syllabus can also be taught on-site at organizations outside of St. Louis. In addition, the instructor cadre is developing online learning content to both compliment and augment some of the instructional modules.

For more information on TGLU or to register for an upcoming class,

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