The entire world is on a wartime footing

How you lead your teams right now really matters


We know real teamwork because we lived it

Each member of the VMax Group team is a combat veteran, a high-performance team leader and a professional instructor.

Your companies are the backbone of our economy

Our nation needs you to stay strong, to survive market fluctuations, global pandemics and international disruptions across the spectrum of business if we are to field the defense we need.

VMax Group recognizes that for our business community to remain vibrant in the midst of disruption we have to field the strongest possible teams.

We exist to provide you that training, coaching and support.

We want you to be the “Top Guns” of your industry

And we’re prepared to provide you with Top Gun-quality training so that you can confidently dominate the business battlespace. Here is the array of offers we currently provide to help your teams succeed:

In-Person & Virtual Workshops

Learn to build trust, communicate for effect, plan for effect and practice efficient, effective and team-building accountability through VMax Group’s “Debrief to Win” training. Workshops can be conducted as half-day, full-day, two half-days and two full-days in length. Custom-designed workshops are also available. We’re equally effective training both virtually and in-person, and our full team is available to travel as needed to meet you at your chosen site.

Team Assessments

Evaluate how strong your teams are in the core Components of Accountability: Team Purpose, Organizational Culture, Debrief Behaviors, Standards and Team Lifecycle Events. Compare what you personally think on each of our assessment questions with the aggregate of what your teammates think to get a sense for any disconnects. Get a better understanding for how well your teams “team”, and where it is you can stand to improve teamwork to grow your bottom line.

Keynote Speaking

VMax Group instructors are also professionally trained and experienced keynote speakers. Robert “Cujo” Teschner specifically specializes in speaking at large conferences and offers breakout sessions and book signings to accompany the opening or closing conference keynote. VMax Group offers different keynote packages, and we work to tailor our message to your audience and your focus for the event. We also always offer to share material with the audience to help them embrace the core concepts we teach in our keynotes.


The foundational training VMax Group provides is the first step towards adopting high-performance team approaches in your business team setting. Ongoing coaching is how we ensure the training gains traction and helps transform your organization the way you envision. We work on a regular schedule to help you and your teams practice and adapt the training to fit your style and specific needs. We also offer executive coaching to more broadly assist you with leading your organization.

Custom Training

We also create new training as needed to specifically address areas you need us to cover for you. Our training is crafted both in-house as well as with strategic partners so that the end result is a Top Gun-caliber training program that exceeds expectations. Contact us for more details on how we build the courseware you need to accomplish your goals.

We say again: running a business is tough enough

  • You really need your teammates to perform
  • You expect teammates who are committed to your mission
  • You want teammates who hold themselves accountable

The way we see it, our job is to help you get there. To help you build the team your want and need. And we love doing what we do!

Here’s how we partner with you to build stronger teams:

1. We assess your team

We use our custom-built, in-house online assessment tool to get a sense of where your team’s strengths and weaknesses are.

  • We identify Gaps
  • We get a sense of team dynamics

We use our assessment to understand the starting point and focus for our training, and then craft our proposed approach to address known gaps and deficiencies.

2. We craft a collaborative approach

Our proposal is the starting point for a discussion that leads to an agreement on our overall approach.

At the end of our conversations we:

  • Define our shared Objectives
  • Agree on the Process
  • Develop the Timeline

We know that each company and team is unique and we constantly learn as we work with you, refining our approaches appropriately to ensure we’re adapting as necessary/if needed to ensure effectiveness.

3. We conduct the training

We meet you where you are, delivering Top Gun-caliber training through whatever medium makes the most sense to you on a timeline that works for your teams. Specifically, we:

  • Minimize any down-time
  • Maximize interactive learning
  • Are focused on building local expertise

Our goal is to give your teammates the confidence to believe in themselves and in their ability to do what we teach.

4. We deliver ongoing coaching

It’s one thing to deliver high-quality content. It’s another to ensure the training “sticks”—that it becomes part of the team DNA. To this end we:

  • Deliver a consistent cadence of coaching
  • Provide “on-demand” coaching as needed
  • Work with you to determine if additional training is warranted

We want our training to work for you, and we’re committed to helping you achieve the success you demand from your teams.

Let's work together to develop your teams to become their very best. Especially now.

Schedule a free consultation to see how our teamwork solutions can benefit your teams.